Vendors Terms & Conditions

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Q1. Quality Management System / Process Requirement

Your organization shall provide and maintain a Quality or Inspection and Test system that complies with one of the following standards: ISO9001 AS9100-AS9120.

Q2. Flow Down of Applicable Requirements

This Purchase Order requires that all applicable requirements of this order and its associated documents, including key characteristics, where applicable, must be flowed down to all sub-tier suppliers.

Q3. Right of Access

Work under this purchase order/contract is subject to government and/or customer surveillance/inspection at organization’s plant or sub-tier supplier’s facility, and to all applicable records. The organization will be notified if a surveillance/inspection is to be conducted.

Q4. Notification of Nonconforming Product

If your organization has shipped product under this Purchase Order that has been subsequently identified as either having a nonconformance or suspected nonconformance, you shall notify JUSTiN in writing immediately. Notification to JUSTiN in writing is also required for any product with a known defect prior to shipment for proper disposition and authorization to ship ONLY IF that product is needed to fulfill the procurement.

All nonconforming materials shipped to JUSTiN must be clearly identified and segregated from conforming material. Identification must be immediate and contain the required details of the nonconformity.

Q5. Notification of Changes to Product, Business Address, or Business Scope

Prior to delivery of product your organization shall provide notification to JUSTiN of any change in product, product design, plant location, materials, or production and/or scope of processes from the originally specified or quoted.

You shall provide notification to JUSTiN of any pending shutdowns or closures which may affect order completion.

Q6. Inspection and Test Data Requirements

Your organization shall provide inspection and/or test data as specified on this purchase order
(if required).

Q7. Source Inspection Required

If JUSTiN or its customers inspection is required at your facility prior to shipment JUSTiN must be notified 5 working in advance for scheduling. JUSTiN or customers acceptance during source inspection does not alleviate you frtom the responsibility for the quality of the product or services you have provided under the Purchase Order.

Q8. Certification of Conformance ( C of C ) required

The supplier shall provide a C of C that is traceable to the JUSTiN purchase order and contains the following:

  1. The Manufacturers Name and Cage Code
  2. Description of purchased product including as applicable, the JUSTiN or Supplier part number(s),
  3. Quantity, Date Code (s), Lot Code (s), specification revisions, or other identifying information.
  4. A statement that the product meets the requirements of all applicable drawings, or specifications, with data on file at supplier’s facility.

Q9. Counterfeit Product Prevention

Supplier shall have a Counterfeit Product Prevention process in place to prevent any counterfeit product from getting into the supply chain or inclusion in supplier’s products.

Q10. Ethical Behavior

Supplier personnel should be aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, their contribution to product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior.

Q11. Product Safety

The Supplier shall control their processes to ensure product safety is maintained throughout order fulfillment.