Quality Control


JUSTiN is committed to consistently maintaining our reputation as a leader in resistor distribution. Our Quality Control department applies the highest industry standards for reliability and traceability. The discipline achieved adhering to these standards and including JUSTiN’S Quality Control System (JQCS) has enabled JUSTiN to maintain a reputation far surpassing the norm within our industries.

The importance of properly established and managed quality control and quality assurance systems with well written SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) is essential for the achievement of the excellence JUSTiN strives for. Our continuous commitment to quality has enabled JUSTiN to receive numerous awards from both the primes and their subcontractors.

JUSTiN’S ensures that both the company policy and objectives are implemented by all employees at all levels.

JUSTiN’S processes and procedures are designed to fully satisfy all the needs and expectations of our customers needs and expectations.

Adequate resources are allocated for implementing and maintaining all of JUSTiN’s quality systems and procedures.

Scheduled management reviews of the quality systems are to assess their continued adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency along with developing new actions for continual quality improvement if deemed necessary.

The JUSTiN quality documents consist of company policies, quality management plan, SOPs, working instructions, guidelines, forms, templates, logs, tags and labels. They are established by consensus and approved by a nominated body and audited by an independent certified vendor.